SimpliAmp™ Thermal Cycler
Thermal Cycler for polymerase chain reaction (PCR).


PCR testing for the detection of components present in a product is another service provided. Clients can either provide us the purified RNA or we can customize the service from extraction to reverse transcription, PCR and gel electrophoresis.
Rotor-Gene® Q qPCR machine
qPCR machine for real-time and end-point thermal cycling using polymerase chain reaction as well as high-resolution melting analysis.

Real Time PCR (qPCR)

The Qiagen Rotor-Gene Q qPCR machine enables streamlined analysis for a wide range of applications, which includes:

  • Pathogen detection
  • Gene expression analysis

To complement our real-time PCR services, Cytonex also offer services for DNA/RNA extraction, reverse transcription of RNA and quality check of sample using Qubit and gel electrophoresis.  A custom-made study design can be provided upon receiving the client’s desired qPCR application, chemistry and data output.

Qubit® 3.0 Fluorometer
Fluorometer for the quantification of DNA, RNA and protein as well as quality assessment of Ion SphereTM particle.

Qubit Fluorometer

The Qubit® 3.0 Fluorometer provides a highly sensitive fluorescence-based quantitation assays to measure:

  • DNA (ssDNA/ dsDNA)
  • RNA (RNA/miRNA)
  • Protein