CoolSafe Freeze Dryer
Freeze dryer for freeze drying of various sterile biological and pharmaceutical products.

Freeze-drying of Sterile Products

Cytonex provides services to freeze-dry sterile products using our LABOGENE CoolSafe Basic freeze dryer. Freeze drying is often used for the preservation and storage of biological and pharmaceuticals products. Our freeze-dryer comes with a 4-litre condenser capacity and condenser ice capacity of 2 kg per hour. During the freeze-drying process, temperatures drop to -110 ˚C in a 20˚C room temperature.

Hirayama Autoclave Machine
Autoclave machine for steam sterilization of various autoclavable products and materials.

Autoclave and Packaging of Sterile Products

Cytonex provides autoclaving services using our Hirayama autoclave machine. Customized packaging of sterile product is also available.

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